Finished products

Our finished products to ensure we go beyond your expectations.

We work with a variety of development companies and manufacturers to offer a wide range of full, private and white label services. Every product and development project is unique so whatever the scenario, we have both the versatility and capability to meet your specific needs.

Delivery formats

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Bars | Capsules (Hard & Soft Gel) | Capsules (Topical applications) | Chewables | Chewing Gum | Drinks (Powder & Liquid) | Effervescent (Powder & Liquid) | Fast melt sticks | Gels | Granules | Lozenges | Masks (Alginate Powder)| Masks (Alginate Gels & Emulsions) | Masks (Hydrogels & Sheets) | Medical Devices | Patches | Powders | Sprays | Sticks (Powder & Liquid) | Syrups | Sweets (Dragee & Medicated) | Tablets | Testing Kits | Tinctures

Please note, this isn’t an exhaustive list so if you are searching for a delivery format not listed drop us a line. If we can’t help we can hopefully point you in the direction of someone who can.

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