Afede Health Beauty and Wellness Ltd (trading as “Afede Wellness”) is a leading UK based supplier of both ingredients and finished products into the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector. This encompasses the following categories: Food, Nutrition, Cosmetics & Healthcare. We are a discreet, flexible, professional, innovative partner for brand owners with over 20 years’ experience within consumer goods.


    At Afede we always look to the latest in science and technology to bring brand owners proven on trend ingredients and delivery solutions so you can maximise both your brand value and revenue streams. Please note though we are a professional company only wanting to partner with those with similar values and always adhering to the latest governance (legal, quality, regulations, product efficacy etc.)


    We mainly look to work with natural and biotechnology derived products, although as we are predominately driven by science and innovation we aren’t exclusively bound to just these product groups.


    Over the past few years we have seen new categories arise at the boundaries between all the FMCG categories in the market place. This has further accelerated innovation and we scour the entire planet for inspiration.

Goals & Philosophy

To advance human wellness.

We ask, listen and understand our customers. We focus on what our customers want and treat them as we would want to be treated. We look forwards but reflect on the past. We are honest and strive to be original.


Future plans

Products in all sectors will continue to evolve and develop . Science, innovation & technology will be at the forefront and that is where we plan to be.