Our Goal & Philosophy

Afede means “to Nourish” in Olde English and is very applicable to each of the categories in which we operate.


The company’s goal is simply “To advance Human Wellness”

Afede means “to Nourish” in Olde English and is very applicable to each of the categories in which we operate. Human Wellness is the quality of being healthy in body and mind, in fact the free dictionary definition of wellness is; The condition of good physical and mental health, especially when actively maintained by proper diet, exercise, and avoidance of risky behaviour.

We would also include our genetic make-up and one’s social and economical environment to complete the picture. Afede only has limited influence on both these factors, although we have strong opinions, whereas we can more easily affect and benefit the other and it is important for a business to focus on its core strength


Generally, and quite simply, to professionally focus on what our customers want & treat people as you want to be treated yourself.

As well as looking forwards I believe much can be learnt from the past. Whether this be evaluating ingredients for different applications or looking for new solutions.

It is amazing how much we can derive from history and from unusual sources: “you are what you eat” is a phrase created by Brillat-Savarin in an Essay entitled “Concerning Spiritualism and Materialism” in 1826. Here it is considered that they were merely stating that the food one eats has a bearing on what one’s state of mind and health, which we now very much know to be true.

The world’s continued evolution in science and technology through the years has led to many more I believe are to come, and it is Afede’s goal to grow from these.

Although now more closely linked, the historic isolation of these sectors has led to huge variations between how they operate (regulations, governance etc.), their evolution and quality of innovations and finished products. Now that these new sub categories have been established and the wellness circle completed, manufacturers have started to look at ideas and products which benefits our wellness in its entirety. This amalgamation has created a few new sub categories but you really need to look at the complete circle in order to improve one’s wellness I believe.

It is also essential to know your way around the FMCG sector as with all markets there are as many pitfalls as there are advantages. Collagen is key to our skin’s strength and there is some evidence that collagen peptides could benefit our skin from an oral perspective but certainly not topically. There are many different grades of collagen from many sources and manufacturers and the results from these different grades vary enormously. This is just one of many examples. Unfortunately, much of the science in the market is in reality just good marketing.

At Afede we look for suppliers who lead their particularly field in science to bring brands the latest proven innovative ingredients and finished products and we are always very honest with our assessments.